Our Services

Are you a business owner who needs to employ the services of a qualified accountant who has good commercial acumen? Are you looking for an accountant who will proactively represent your business in dealings with commercial and state bodies?

Mark Graham and Co, will provide all their clients with the following introductory services if requested.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Taxation Advice – PAYE, Corporation Tax, VAT, Capital Taxes
  • Compliance – CRO returns, filing and payments to the Revenue Commissioners

Mark Graham & Co always advises their clients to ensure they are up to date with returns to the CRO and Revenue Commissioners.

Mark Graham and Co, provide additional services on request as follows:

Raising Finance

Are you considering replacing your company car or van? Do you need to arrange an overdraft facility with your bank?

Do you need to arrange a mortgage to purchase premises for your business? What about a term loan?

Mark Graham & Co provides advice to clients who want to take out short, medium or long-term loans at cost effective rates. Mark Graham & Co have good working relationships with the main lending institutions.

Pension Advice

You want to start saving towards retirement, yet you are confused by all the jargon associated with pension planning. Worse still, you don’t know who to turn to.

Mark Graham & Co can provide expert advice on self-administered pensions, and retirement relief. If you need more in-depth advice, Mark Graham & Co will refer you to a specialist independent pension advisor.

Financial Control

You provide excellent service to your customers, yet they take 60 – 90 days to pay you. Your suppliers want payment now for goods and services supplied. The pressure to make ends meet is unending.

How can Mark Graham & Co assist you? Mark Graham & Co can help you by monitoring your debtors’ days, creditors’ days, and stock levels.

Mark Graham & Co will also help you to develop a robust cash flow forecasting model. Good cash flow management is a lifeline for the SME sector.

Systems Implementation

Do you need help with selecting or setting up accountancy software within your business?

Mark Graham & Co have expertise in Sage Accounting, the Big Red Book, and TAS Books. If you are considering alternative enterprise or cloud accountancy systems, Mark Graham & Co will be happy to recommend to other solutions providers within their referral network.

Process Improvement

Your business is drowning in data, yet identifying the critical detail is nigh impossible. You have disparate IT systems which are not interconnected. How can Mark Graham & Co help you?

Mark Graham & Co will audit your existing IT systems and processes. Based on the results of the audit, Mark Graham & Co will recommend IT solutions that are realistic and cost effective. Not alone that, Mark Graham & Co will work with you to implement the recommended solutions.

Business Advice

Are you considering starting a business? Are you a sole trader looking to set up a limited company? Are you considering an acquisition strategy to grow market share or enter a new market segment? Do you need help with a business exit strategy, as you approach retirement?

Wherever you are on your business journey, Mark Graham & Co will provide you with pertinent advice to make your business journey safe and smooth.

HR and Health & Safety

Mark Graham & Co provide arranged services for HR and Health & Safety through a referral network.